Play Chair, Red

The Play Chair in red or yellow is a wonderfully attractive, multifunctional, and portable play item. Its many functions ensure that it is interesting for a long time: one side is a proper chair seat, the other side is a steeply grooved table, able to hold water, sand, and other construction materials, the third side is a more shallow groove, for instance for a teddy bear bed. When placed at the high end, the Play Chair is a perfect stool for care givers who want to sit next to the play of the children. Last but not least, the Play Chair is a building block for the MOMENTS Toddler Supervised series of little infant and toddler play frames, fitting perfectly into their play through holes, like a chunky puzzle. Placed together in groups, the Play Chairs makes for a cozy, multifunctional play corner that stimulates children’s creativity in play.

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Numero di prodotto: MSV201

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