Agility Trail 5

The Agility Trail 5 is a challenge that all 6-12 year olds will want to take on. The variation in responsive balancing activities will make children come back again and again. The combination of overhead and tight rope walks offers great play challenges. Balancing across the swaying ropes, rolling logs and responsive horizontal ropes of the Agility Trail 5 stimulates balance and proprioception which are fundamental in confidently managing the body in its surroundings. This is important for instance when navigating street traffic safely. But it also plays an important role for children's self confidence. The multiple places where children have to take turns and negotiate to cross one-another train important social-emotional skills that are basic to the ability to form friendship and relate to peers. All in all, so much more than play.

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Numero di prodotto: NRO864

Tipo di prodotto: Corsa ad Ostacoli in Robinia

Gruppo di prodotti: Strutture Gioco in Legno

6 - 12


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