Signs & Accessories for Fitness Equipment

Any outdoor fitness area can function as a meeting point where people can work out, relax and meet for a talk

In this category you will find Signs and Timers, simple products adding a lot of value to all the users of the outdoor fitness sites.

Customisable signage

Signs are an important way to make relevant and prescribed information available for the users of private or public areas. E.g. general or practical information or instructions about the use of a fitness site, opening hours, ideal user/age groups, sponsors, contact information etc.

KOMPAN’s customisable signage concept is flexible in the use of text, signs and symbols to communicate a message.

Timers - when it is time for outdoor fitness

When exercising, it is valuable to have a reliable way to keep track of time. Time-tracking adds structure and measurability to workouts, which is highly motivating, but it also facilitates continuous improvement in the workout and hence ultimately reaching goals. A Multi Timer is integral for interval training. You must carefully control the duration of each exercise and rest period. Without a timer, you may not know when to begin and end an exercise.  

A Multi Timer is easy to see while working out and it gives an auditory and visual signal that clearly indicates when to start and stop activities.

All KOMPAN signs and accessories are made to fit the design of the fitness equipment. 



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